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I’m almost certain that I say this at the start of every month but I honestly can’t believe how fast this year is going, it really is flying by! For myself this month has been an eventful one; I successfully passed my theory test but also made the difficult decision to discharge myself from the eating disorder service. That aside, we’re pretty much on a straight road ahead to Christmas now; the weather has got cooler, the sun has gone away and The X-Factor is back on our screens – if that doesn’t mean that we’re entering the festive season then I don’t know what does! Despite my best efforts this month I definitely spent more money than I’d intended to but, it has resulted in the discovery of some new favourites and I’ve also been loving a few oldies too.

  1. Eat Smart by Niomi Smart I’d pre-ordered a signed copy of this months ago and ever since had been so excited for it to arrive. Niomi is one of my biggest inspirations and it’s actually through her that in early 2015, I first became interested in veganism and plant-based cooking. As expected, the book is absolutely outstanding – whether you’re fully vegan, or are just looking to incorporate more plant-based meals into your diet – there’s something for everyone. The pictures are beautiful and the recipes are honestly so mouth-watering! I’ve only made a handful so far; her classic hummus, pea + mint dip, black bean dip and baked falafels but they’ve all turned out amazing. The pea + mint dip is definitely a stand out favourite for me so far and that’s coming from someone who hates mint! img_6834
  2. Salt of The Earth Natural Spray Deodorant After hearing a lot about this deodorant, I decided to take the plunge and try it for my self and it’s safe to say that I’m definitely impressed. Despite containing only 10 ingredients it’s so effective and I’d even go as far to say that it’s the best deodorant that I’ve ever used!
  3. Crazy Rumours Amaretto Natural Lip Balm Not only is this lip balm great because it’s completely natural and vegan but it works amazingly well too! My lips have never felt so soft and smooth plus it smells absolutely amazing. There’s a whole range of flavours from mocha to lemonade so I definitely want to get my hands on some more!
  4. Meridian Organic Pumpkin Seed Butter I think it’s safe to say that I’m definitely a nut butter addict – I could literally just sit and eat spoonfuls straight from the jar! But I’d never tried a seed butter before so I was definitely intrigued by this. I love pumpkin seeds anyway and that love now extends to this butter too – it’s perfect spread over crackers and topped with seeds or even on a slice of toast with mashed avocado, tahini, sweetcorn, tomato, Himalayan salt and pepper – I’m drooling just thinking about it.img_6831
  5. Achva Tahini I am obsessed with tahini. That’s definitely nothing new and it’s an obsession that has continued throughout September. This Achva tahini however, takes it to a whole other level. They say that you don’t realise what a good thing you’ve got until its gone – and that couldn’t have been more true than when this was out of stock for two weeks! TWO WHOLE WEEKS! I don’t even know how I made it through – no other tahini compares to this one. The consistency is spot on, making it perfect for drizzling over pretty much anything from sweet potato to falafels or my favourite roasted aubergine and tahini bowl.
  6. Pulsin Mint Choc Chip Protein Snack  I’d been trying to get my hands on one of these bars for what feels like forever so when I spotted them in an independent health food store, I just had to pick one up. These are one of the only snack bars that I would actually consider repurchasing – I think that statement in itself speaks volumes. One 50g bar is packed with 12g plant-based protein, making them such an easy (and delicious) way to up your daily intake! They taste exactly like After Eights which were one of my favourite sweet treats growing up. Nothing beats finding healthy alternatives to old favourites!
  7. The Primal Pantry Bars I’ve tried 3 different flavours of these bars this month and every single one has been delicious. They’re completely paleo and vegan plus free of gluten, grain, dairy and any of those nasty additives. What more could you want?img_6838
  8. Vivo Life Perform Protein – Madagascan Vanilla I’ve tried several plant-based protein powders and there is no questioning that this is my favourite. With 25g of protein per scoop, it takes you over half of the recommended daily amount of protein for a woman – who said that sourcing protein on a vegan diet is hard, eh? I love adding a scoop to my morning smoothie – it helps to set me up for the day and also provides an amazing flavour injection so I can create delicious combinations such as cinnamon-vanilla or vanilla latte. And the best part? It turns everything green! Yep that’s right, green smoothies, green protein bars, green energy balls – and just when you thought a protein powder couldn’t get any better.
  9. Yoga for Digestion Practicing yoga daily has been unbelievably beneficial for my mental health but it definitely has its physical benefits too. Recently, I’ve struggled a lot with bloating and so digestion targeted yoga sequences have been great for reducing that and getting everything moving!
  10. The Great British Bake Off  I’m pretty certain that the whole country is obsessed with this show and I definitely fall into that category. As soon as an episode is finished, I’m already excited for the next one! I’m savoring every moment of this series in particular, due to it being the last on BBC One. Needless to say, I’m definitely not impressed that Mary Berry and Mel and Sue have decided to leave – Bake Off will never be the same again.

So there it is, my round-up of the top 10 things that I’ve been loving this month – I hope that you’ve had an amazing September and here’s to hoping that October will be even better!

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