Maple-Tahini Marinated Kale

Ever since I first tried a massaged kale salad, I’ve been obsessed. If you aren’t a fan of kale then trust me, this will totally convert you. I’d always been apprehensive about trying raw kale as it is quite tough but massaging it makes it wonderfully soft whilst also making the taste milder than if you were to simply eat it as is. It’s marinated with just 3 ingredients – tahini, maple syrup and lemon juice but the outcome is delicious. A good salad needs a good dressing, and this one definitely falls into that category. I mean, how could you ever go wrong with tahini?

I love to bulk this up for an easy weeknight meal with ingredients such as sweet potato, quinoa, avocado, falafels, burgers, seeds, beans, lentils and veggies – the options are endless and really, anything goes!


Ingredients (Serves 1)

  • 90g kale, tough stems removed
  • tbsp tahini
  • tsp maple syrup
  • juice of 1/2 lemon
  • water as needed


  1. Start by measuring out your kale. It’s important that you weigh it after you’ve removed the stems or as you’re removing them. Otherwise, you’ll be left with barely any kale after discarding the stems!
  2. Using your hands, toss the kale together and massage for a few seconds – even without the dressing you’ll feel the kale beginning to wilt. Don’t worry if it’s still a little tough, simply set aside while you prepare the dressing.
  3. Add all of the remaining ingredients to a small bowl or ramekin and mix well, adding water as needed to thin.
  4. Once the dressing has reached your desired consistency, pour it over the kale and massage well. I spend about five minutes doing this in order to ensure that each leaf is infused with the dressing and is perfectly  soft. Don’t be afraid to scrunch it either – it can be quite a workout but the longer you’re able to massage it for, the more delicious it will be!
  5. Finish it off by adding your favourite veggies, seeds, beans or carb of choice. This time I went for homemade falafels, cinnamon and paprika roasted sweet potato chunks, avocado cubes and edamame.

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