October Favourites

I can’t quite believe how fast this past month has gone, it feels just like yesterday that I was sharing my September favourites! This month I haven’t made as many new discoveries but, there’s definitely some long time favourites that I can’t get enough of.

  1. Vivo Life Perform Protein – Madagascan Vanilla (New and Improved Flavour) I know that I mentioned this in last months favourites but my love for this protein has only grown. Just when I thought that it couldn’t get any better, they only went and relaunched it with a new and improved flavour, meaning that the slight earthy aftertaste that you experienced previously is now gone. I’m definitely impressed with the improved flavour; it even smells nicer when you open the tub! The same vanilla taste remains and I’ve continued to love using it in smoothies or to whip up a batch of my vanilla latte protein bars. It’s not only the taste of perform that has me hooked; it contains 25g of protein per scoop and if that alone wasn’t enough it’s also packed with a digestive enzyme complex and 6g plantbased BCAA. img_8256
  2. Indigo Herbs Organic Super Protein Powder For days when I’m not using perform, I usually opt for hemp protein however after discovering this super protein, it’s definitely become my last choice! This neutral tasting protein is a blend of chia, hemp, pea, pumpkin and rice proteins and a single scoop provides you with 20g protein (not as much as perform does, I must say). This blend does pack in more protein than hemp powder, along with being high in vitamins E, B1, B3, phosphorus and iron so I love adding this to my smoothie when I’m not looking to impart a vanilla flavour – it blends so well that you don’t even know it’s there!
  3. Rhythm Health Coconut Kefir I’d heard of kefir numerous times but in all honesty, I had no idea what it was. As I’ve experienced digestive issues, I decided to do some further research and try it for myself. I was pleasantly surprised by this probiotic beverage, as the original flavour tastes just like coconut, whilst the mango and passion fruit variation is reminiscent of the orange and passionfruit J20s! Although I am slightly disheartened as my local Holland & Barrett haven’t had any in stock for the past couple of weeks and £15 for delivery from the rhythm health website? No thank you!
  4. Kale I eat kale at lunch most days, but my obsession with marinated kale salads seems to have sky rocketed throughout October – I just can’t seem to get enough! Raw kale probably doesn’t sound like the most appealing thing to most people however once it’s been massaged with a flavoursome tahini dressing, the leaves wilt beautifully – add some sweet potato chunks, falafels, seeds, avocado chunks and veggies and you’ve got the perfect weeknight dinner.
  5. Figs Figs have never been a fruit that has appealed to me but after finally trying one they’ve become my new obsession! I’ve been having them with pretty much everything from smoothie bowls to chia puddings, alongside homemade yoghurt and my coconut-cacao chickpea granola, in a batch of sweet fig and tahini enery balls or even whizzed in smoothie!
  6. Sweet Potato I seem to have been on a sweet potato hype this month and they have fast become my favourite carb! I love them roasted into wedges with cinnamon and paprika alongside a homemade vegan burger or chopped into chunks and thrown in a marinated kale salad. Not only do they taste amazing but they’re loaded with vitamin A, magnesium, fibre, potassium and beta carotene.img_8251
  7. Meridian Crunchy Hazelnut Butter This is one of the products featured within my health haul that I hadn’t yet tried but I finally cracked open the jar this month and it’s safe to say that I have never been more impressed by a nut butter! This literally tastes like the inside of a ferroro rocher, and it makes for the perfect combination alongside a batch of cacao-vanilla protein pancakes. It may be a tad on the pricey side, but this nut butter will change your life.
  8. Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb Previous to trying this bath bomb, I’d never purchased anything from the Lush Halloween range but I’ve definitely been missing out! This bath bomb is quite possibly the nicest smelling thing that I have ever had from Lush, I just wish that they sold it all year round.
  9. Lush Sugar Plum Fairy Lip scrub I’ve tried Lush’s lip scrubs before however this seasonal variation may be my new favourite. It has a blackcurrant scent (and taste) which reminds me so much of fruit pastille ice lollies! It may be a little pricey for such a small pot but a small amount goes a long way and works perfectly at buffing your lips smooth. img_8259
  10. Yoga Fix 90 After completing Lesley Fightmaster’s 30 day beginners yoga challenge, I was at a loss of what videos to follow and so I decided to take a leap and start her 90 day challenge.  I find it so helpful having a comprehensive plan to follow – it made sure that I was getting a mix of HIIT and mediation classes throughout the week and the whole of my body was targeted. In the beginning, I never thought that I would be able to finish but Lesley describes it as ’90 days to a healthy habit,’ and I’d definitely have to agree that it does help to incorporate yoga into your everyday routine. I managed to complete all 90 days without missing a single one so I’m quite impressed with myself! Yoga has been both powerful and beneficial for me and that in part is due to the amazing work that Lesley does – I love all of her videos and would definitely recommend them.

Well that’s another month gone and another 10 favourites – What have your favourites been this month? Leave them in the comments below and have a happy Halloween and an even happier November!

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