November Favourites

  1. Vivo Life Perform Protein – Raw Cacao It’s no secret that I love vanilla perform but in all honestly the cacao flavour had never appealed to me. I didn’t think that I would like it, nor did I fancy chocolate flavour being inflicted on everything – I now realise all of this must have been some kind of insanity because now I am obsessed. Not only did this flavour surpass all of my expectations but I even love it more than the vanilla flavour which coming from me is a huge statement! The flavour may be different but it still packs in all of the same benefits – 25g protein per scoop with 6g plantbased BCAA, digestive enzymes, turmeric extract for faster recovery and it’s even 100% raw! The cacao flavour is perfectly subtle but can easily be enhanced with an extra tsp of cacao powder. I love it blended with frozen banana chunks, nut butter and one of my cashew-oat energy balls for the perfect post workout snack.
  2. Vivo Radio Over the past few months, I’ve really gotten into listening to podcasts and audiobooks; they’re such a great alternative to music or TV and can be listened to anywhere, whether it’s on a journey or whilst pottering around the house. I’m a huge fan of the posts Josh publishes on the Vivo Life website; they’re so well written and informative but their new podcast somehow manages to pack in even more information! These concise podcasts are great for enhancing your knowledge on health and fitness; whether it be about plantbased diets in general, building muscle on a plantbased diet or finding the perfect protein powder. I particularly loved the digestion episode which packs in ten great tips, from simply decreasing stress levels to actually taking the time to chew your food – all of which can all be easily incorpated into your everyday life but make a huge difference.
  3. Celeriac I was so apprehensive about trying this veggie – it’s brutish appearance is hardly appetising but once it’s been roasted it makes the most wonderful alternative to sweet potato wedges! It has a slight nutty flavour and I find it to be the perfect cross between a parsnip and a potato – I’ve been loving it as a side alongside a juicy homemade vegan burger or a warming bowl of soup.
  4. Match Latte I’ve been drinking green tea every morning for years but it wasn’t until this month that I finally tried a matcha latte and it’s safe to say that I’m now obsessed! They’re so simple to make with just two ingredients and are the perfect alternative to coffee for a caffeine boost in the morning. It’s not only the taste of matcha that has me hooked, it boasts so many benefits from lowering cholestrol and blood sugar to providing a wealth of antioxidants and even boosting metabolism.
  5. Oat Milk Leading on from my last favourite, I’ve loved using oat milk to make my matcha lattes. It’s naturally sweet but doesn’t overpow the matcha (I personally find brown rice milk too sweet) so it makes the perfect creamy latte and it froths up great too! I love oatly’s oat milk as it only contains 3 ingredients so there’s no added nasties such as gellan gum (lets be honest, who even knows what that is?!) or oil.
  6. Yankee Candles As the nights have drawn in, it’s the perfect time to get the candles out and Yankee definitely have the best scents! This month I’ve loved burning Christmas cookie, all is bright, black cherry and vanilla cupcake.
  7. Black Friday Quite possibly the most important date in the whole of November, Black Friday never fails to have the best offers. The only downside is that it does also run the risk of being lured into buying a load of rubbish that you don’t actually need – but I did somewhat manage to restrain myself and only placed one order (albeit a rather large one). I’m on a mission to try every flavor nakd bar (don’t ask) so it seemed quite fitting that I took advantage of their 30% offer and at £21.96 instead of £32.97 for 41 bars, I think that’s totally justifiable.

Well that’s another month gone and another 7 favourites – What have your favourites been throughout November? Leave them in the comments below and have a wonderful December!

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