January Favourites

From digestive tonics to protein powders, spices and yoga, January has definitely been a month of new discoveries and products that I quite frankly don’t know how I ever lived without.

  1. Rude Health Sprouted Oats In an attempt to improve my digestion in anyway possible, I thought I would try sprouted oats and not only are they easier to digest but the texture is so much nicer than traditional porridge oats. They do take a little longer to cook (around 15 minutes) but that doesn’t bother me at all and if it’s going to improve my digestion then in my opinion it’s totally worth it. I’ve been making some amazing combinations such as tahini and date, salted caramel, carrot cake and even mint chocolate.
  2. Salted Maca Caramel Perform I think it’s pretty obvious by now just how much I love PERFORM protein, so you can imagine how excited I was when the team at Vivo Life announced that they were releasing a third flavour. First I was in love with vanilla, then I had a love affair with cacao but salted caramel has come along and stolen my heart (I suspect that the other two flavours are feeling a little neglected.) The flavour may be different but it still packs in 25g plantbased protein, 6g BCAA and a digestive enzyme complex – and that’s all in a single serving – what more could you ask for?!
  3. Warm Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar Water In another attempt to improve my digestion, I’ve been starting each day with warm lemon water with a tsp apple cider vinegar. It may not be the most the most delicious tasting drink but it does wonders for waking up the digestive system, detoxing the liver and kick starting the metabolism. I find that it’s been great in helping to reduce bloating and I can safely say that this is a digestion tip that I now swear by.
  4. Turmeric was a spice which for a long time had no place in my kitchen but now I am obsessed. I use it daily and I love that it can be so easily incorporated into any meal; whether it be porridge, a post workout smoothie, crunchy chickpeas or a warming stew, this superfood spice has fast become a staple in my kitchen.
  5. Pure Chimp Matcha is without a doubt the best matcha powder that I’ve tried – it whisks perfectly into a mug warm of frothy oat milk, without leaving any nasty lumps and tastes delicious! Plus 5% of their profits go to charity so it’s always great to know that you’re supporting a good cause. img_1190
  6. Invisibobble After losing a lot of my hair as a result of my eating disorder, it’s important to me to take care of it as best as possible in order to ensure that it grows back in the best condition. I find that traditional bobbles are quite harsh on my hair, often leaving it tangled or in knots but there’s none of that with these uniquely shaped bobbles and I love just how gentle they are.
  7. Coconut Oil has been a firm favourite of mine this month but not in the kitchen; I’ve been loving using coconut oil as an effective make up remover and weekly hair treatment in order to help fight the frizz (and trust me – there’s a lot of it to fight).
  8. Fresh Flowers As sad as it may sound – yes I did myself a bunch of flowers but I couldn’t resist and besides, I’m all for a little self love and care. There’s nothing quite like adding a pop of colour to the room in the form of a fresh and fragrant bouquet and something about even just looking at them makes me happier.
  9. Creators Co is a platform for writers where you can publish posts on topics that you’re passionate about – whether it be gaming, the latest TV series, food or exercise. My first post went live with them this month and if you want to boost your immunity and stay healthy this winter, I suggest you give it a read.
  10. Hatha Yoga Happiness I practice yoga daily and in all honestly without Lesley Fightmaster’s videos I don’t know how I would cope! After already completing her 30 day yoga challenge for beginners and yoga fix 90, I was so excited when she announced this new 30 day programme in January. Each day includes top tips for feeling happier and is focused on a different aspect of your life, whether that be decluttering or making time to see friends. This programme definitely helped to brighten my day and I would completely recommend it.

What have your favourites been this month? Leave them in the comments below or let me know on Instagram @nourishingyas x


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