February Favourites

February has been a whirlwind month and in between securing myself a job, a whole bunch of driving lessons, concerts and general day-to-day life, I’ve barely had time to stop and think but there have definitely been a few products which have made dealing with this month a whole lot easier. From chocolate to toothpaste and a yummy stack of pancakes, february has been a month of new discoveries, with products that I shall continue to use for months to come.

  1.  PIIT I’ve been doing Blogilates on and off for years and started following Casey’s videos again in the form of her monthly workout calendars back in the summer. Over the past month however, I have been loving her PIIT videos. Pilates Intense Interval Training is a combination of Pilates and HIIT moves with 7 rounds at 45 seconds each and a short 15 second rest in between. With a total of 4 rounds, it comes in at a total of under 30 minutes which makes it so easy to fit into your day.
  2. Brita Fill and Go The benefits of drinking water are endless and whilst most of us reach for the tap to get our daily dose of H2O, filtered water is so much better for you as it removes dangerous contaminants such as lead and chlorine thus reducing the risk of illness and serious diseases such as cancer. I love that the bottle is so travel friendly and because of its compact size is a lot easier to fit into the fridge than bulkier filter jugs and it’s also BPA free!
  3. Peppermint Tablets After experiencing severe stomach bloating and pain over the past few months and finally being diagnosed with IBS, I’ve been on the hunt for absolutely anything to improve my digestion. Taking peppermint tablets before meals is said to help to reduce bloating as it has antispasmodic and relaxant properties which help to relieve cramps and spasms in the GI tract.
  4. Aloe Vera Another product which was recommended to me by the lovely theplantbae in order to improve digestion is aloe vera juice – I simply take a shot before each meal and it helps to decrease bloating a little although unfortunately my symptoms haven’t completely subsided.
  5. Chocolate Oats Throughout february I have been completely obsessed with chocolate in any form – smoothies, bars, cookies – you name it, I’ve been eating it. Cacao powder is my go to product for imparting a chocolate flavour and my favourite way to use it is to make a big bowl of chocolate protein oats. The cacao provides an amazingly rich chocolate flavour which is balanced out by the sweetness from the banana and lucuma, whilst the perform protein packs in 25g plantbased protein. I then top it with yes, you guessed it – more chocolate. Because who says that you can’t have chocolate for breakfast?
  6. Naturya Superfood Breakfast Boost One of my favourite things when it comes to breakfast is toppings – fresh fruit, homemade granola and nut butter are all amazing but I was looking to try something new and that’s where Naturya’s breakfast boosts came in. Available in three flavours – cacao crunch, superberries and superseeds -they’re loaded with health boosting superfoods such as cacao nibs, mulberries, chia seeds, goji berries and coconut flakes. I’ve loved whizzing a couple of tablespoons into my breakfast smoothie or for topping my smoothie bowl.
  7. Black Charcoal Toothpaste I’d never tried a natural toothpaste until now and it’s safe to say that I am suitably impressed. I am a sucker for anything whitening and this black charcoal toothpaste does just the trick whilst also being free from any nasty chemicals. It’s a little runnier than normal toothpaste and I have to admit that it is a little weird using something black to brush your teeth but I’m really enjoying using it.
  8. Pure Chimp Natural Soap With minimal ingredients and an amazing subtle banana smell, this gentle natural soap has become one of my beauty staples this month. With just one wash it removes every single trace of make up from my skin and for a product that only contains seven ingredients I find that pretty impressive.
  9. Batch Cooking This may sound like a strange one but batch cooking comes in so handy after a long day at work or when you’re too tired to slave away in the kitchen, meaning that you can have something utterly delicious and packed full of goodness in a matter of minutes. I’ve tried out a number of dishes this month but my favourite has got to be James’ sweet potato and chickpea curry.
  10. Drake I’ve been obsessed with Drake for the longest time and this month I finally got to seem him live! I attended one of his Manchester dates and as expected he was absolutely amazing and completely worth the wait.
  11. Pancake Day I’d never celebrated pancake day with pancakes for breakfast before, nor could I remember the last time that I celebrated the day full stop but I definitely made up for it this year! I cooked myself the most delicious plateful of banana, maple and pecan pancakes topped with banana slices, pecan butter, a homemade chocolate and coconut sauce, chopped chocolate chunks and naturya’s cacao crunch superfood breakfast boost. I still can’t get over how amazing they were and now I want it to be pancake day everyday!

What have your favourites been this month? Leave them in the comments below or let me know on Instagram @nourishingyas x

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