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April is my birthday month so by default it’s also my favourite month of the year and it turned out to be pretty hectic one this time round with trips to Manchester, London and Liverpool but there was still plenty of time to find a few new favourites and re-kindle my love for some holy grail items.


  • Vivo Life Thrive Raw Green Superfood For Her I’d stopped taking multi vitamins quite a while back, due to the fact that I was so unimpressed with how many added bulking agents, sweeteners and nasty chemicals they contained – plus there’s nothing fun about getting a giant tablet lodged in your throat every morning. But the launch of Vivo Life’s new website and product range solved all of my problems as they released Thrive – a raw green superfood powder designed to replace countless numbers of superfood products and help you reach optimum health. It’s packed with over 20 essential vitamins and minerals, probiotics and your daily dose of superfoods from wheatgrass to moringa, chlorella and spirulina. The product itself comes in powder form and can be easily mixed with water or even added to your morning smoothie or post workout shake. Despite it’s very green appearance, the addition of freeze-dried blueberries means that it tastes so much better than a spirulina shot ever could, plus there’s no added bulking agents, sweeteners or hard to digest capsules – which I love!
  • Vivo Life Sustain: Plantbased BCAA & Coconut Water I honestly don’t know where to start with how impressed I am with this product. Although my protein powder contains BCAA’S I’d (foolishly) never considered using BCAA’s alone before but god do they make a difference! Since drinking BCAA’s, I’ve seen the biggest improvement in my workouts; I feel so much more energised throughout, meaning that my performance is improved and my energy levels are sustained so I’m able to work out for that little bit longer! I also find that it’s super hydrating thanks to the coconut water, so I actually find myself drinking less water too.
  • Vivo Life Organic Matcha Powder Okay, I promise I’m nearly done talking about Vivo Life’s new product range, but not before mentioning their matcha powder. I’m quite partial to a matcha latte in the mornings and I’ve tried a fair few different powders but this is by far my favourite – not only is the taste amazing, it’s so silky smooth and whisks into warm oat milk perfectly without leaving any lumps or the need for a blender. (Get £5 off your Vivo Life order here)
  • Birthdays Who doesn’t love birthdays? This year it was a pretty big one for me as on April 23rd, I celebrated my 18th birthday. Me and my mum took a day trip to Liverpool to celebrate and had an amazing lunch at a recently opened vegetarian and vegan restaurant – Our Kitchen. I had the one of their buddha bowls; quinoa, teriyaki grilled tofu, spinach, avocado and green veggies all finished off with an asian dressing and it was so delicious! It’s so lovely to have found a new spot to eat in one of my favourite cities and we even went back for drinks later in the day – I opted for the most amazing cacao elixir: almond milk ceremonial grade cacao, coconut sugar, cinnamon, maca and I’ve been craving another one ever since! I was also so overwhelmed by all of the birthday messages that I received on Instagram – I’m truly so grateful for all of your kind words and support.
  • London I wrote a whole post dedicated to my birthday trip to London, where me and my mum had the most amazing 3 days packed full of food, shopping and sight-seeing. I finally got to visit all of the healthy eateries that I’d been lusting over for months including the Mae Deli, Mildred’s, Farmacy and Nama. It’s safe to say that I absolutely fell in love with London and I left feeling so inspired and motivated to travel more, meet new people and pursue a career in the health and fitness industry.
  • Tahini Ok I know that I talk about tahini an awful lot but can someone please find me something that I can’t put it on? It’s pretty common knowledge that I love tahini on everything but this month I have specifically been loving tahini at breakfast time. And no – I’m not talking about avocado toast, I’m taking chocolate nice cream and oats with tahini – such a game changer!
  • Vegan Burgers If you follow me on Instagram then this will come of no surprise to you. Homemade vegan burgers have always been one of my favourite dinners, accompanied by a side of roasted sweet potato wedges and a thick layer of mashed avocado but this month my obsession was taken to a whole other level – and a major contributing factor was my trip to London where I had two of the most amazing vegan burgers in Farmacy and Mildred’s, although my homemade ones are still a firm favourite too.

What were your favourites throughout April? Leave them in the comments below or let me know on Instagram @nourishingyas x

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