Loaded Vegan Sandwiches

If you’ve ever come across my Instagram stories then you’ll know that these loaded vegan sandwiches make a regular appearance for my weeknight dinners and it’s safe to say that I’m completely and utterly addicted. These sandwiches make a hearty, filling plant based meal that you can really get stuck into and admit-tingly it does get a little messy! What I love most is that they’re super customisable – there are so many options that no two ever taste the same so they never get boring and the range of  choice is great for if you’re missing meat or have recently transitioned to a plant based diet. And trust me these combos are sure to rival your favourite chicken salad or BLT; crunchy toasted bread loaded up with veggies, plant based protein, nut butter, creamy hummus and mashed avocado makes for the most flavorsome, balanced meal. They look pretty impressive but they’re so easy to make; simply serve alongside sweet potato wedges and some hummus and you have the perfect dinner. And if after reading this you’re somehow still stuck for filling ideas then not to worry – I’ve included some of my favourite combinations for inspo too!


Bread: Two slices of sourdough, or whip up a batch of Healthy Living James’ superfood bread

Protein – Choose 1: 50g edamame, 3 falafels, 1/2 can of kidney beans, crunchy roasted chickpeas or crispy tofu

Healthy Fats – Choose 2: Hummus, mashed avocado, crunchy peanut butter, pumpkin seed butter or tahini

Veggies – Choose 1: Sliced tomatoes, roasted red pepper, sweetcorn, lettuce or grated carrot

Seasoning: Himalayan salt and black pepper

Sides: Cinnamon and coconut sugar sweet potato wedges

My Favourite Combinations

  • Edamame, hummus, pumpkin seed butter, grated carrot + sliced tomato
  • Falafel, avocado, crunchy peanut butter + sliced tomato
  • Kidney beans, avocado, tahini + sliced tomato
  • Roasted chickpeas, hummus, tahini + sliced tomato
  • Crispy tamari tofu, avocado, hummus + sliced tomato
  • Roasted red pepper, avocado, hummus, sliced tomato, lettuce + sweet corn


  1. Toast the bread. Add one of your spread options to each slice and season with the himalayan salt and black pepper.
  2. Layer your veggies and protein of choice on to one of the slices and top with the remaining slice.
  3. Serve with sweet potato wedges and extra hummus or tahini for dipping, enjoy!

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