Top 5 Vegan Chocolate Brands

I think it comes as a surprise to some people when I tell them that you can actually still eat chocolate when you’re vegan! One of the first questions that people ask me is but what about chocolate? And with an ever increasing range of vegan options, I don’t have to miss out on it at all.

There are a lot of products on the market that people might be surprised to know are vegan – chocolate bourbons, Oreos, Rittersport, Lindt and Green & Black’s are all suitable, and even Cadburys offer options which are ‘accidentally vegan.’ I am a complete and utter chocolate addict, so it’s definitely not something that I was prepared to miss out on when I transitioned to a plant based diet. I eat it most days and I pretty much always incorporate it in to my breakfast somehow so it’s safe to say that I’ve tried my fair share of vegan chocolate over the past couple of years, both good and bad, but these are my go to brands to get a dairy free chocolate fix.

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5th place: Booja Booja

Booja Booja’s truffles were quite possibly the best introduction that I could have had to vegan chocolate. Their high price point means that they’re more of a luxury product but they are worth every penny. With a minimal ingredient list and range of flavors from run and raisin to banoffee and classics like hazelnut, these truffles make an extra special treat. A box of these is the perfect gift and they offer incredible vegan ice cream too.

4th place: Vego Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar

This bar is a Ferrero Rocher or Nutella lovers absolute dream – crunchy hazelnuts and rich hazelnut paste are encased in a smooth, creamy milk chocolate coating which is so moreish. This ones perfect if you’re not a fan of dark chocolate and you honestly wouldn’t know that it’s vegan. They’ve recently expanded their range to feature their top selling bar in spread form too.

3rd place: The Raw Chocolate Company

What I love most about The Raw Chocolate Company is that they stock such a wide range of flavours so there’s something for everyone. Their range includes everything from a white chocolate alternative to pitch dark bars and at a reasonable price point, it’s hard to find fault with this brand. I love these bars chopped up and melted on porridge, the salted vanoffee hazelnut being my favourite. They also stock a range of chocolate snacks including chocolate coated mulberries, raisins and ginger – all of which I can confirm are delicious too.

2nd place: Ombar

Raw, organic and fairtrade, Ombar has earnt its place as one of the most popular vegan chocolate brands and it’s with good reason. Their chocolate products, ranging from bars to buttons are absolutely dreamy. Their chocolate is kept raw, in order to preserve as many nutrients as possible and they even add live cultures to some of their flavours too – and if my chocolate bar is doubling up as a probiotic then that’s another excuse to eat it right? Their bars are beautifully packaged and they offer everything from mylk alternatives to 100% dark. Every single one of their flavours that I’ve tried I love and they even offer bars with truffle filled centres – a word of warning that the coconut and vanilla flavour is so addictive.

1st place: Leitchy Creates

By far my favourite and go to chocolate brand, these luxurious feeling chocolates are handmade at home in Sheffield with ethically sourced and organic ingredients. All of Jordan’s chocolates are dairy free and suitable for vegans. Her inventive flavour combinations never fail to impress me and you can really see the thought and care that has been taken in developing each one. She stocks classic flavours including mint and chocolate orange, along with seasonal additions such as gingerbread praline and amaretto peach. My personal favourites are the cherry almond truffle bar and peanut butter praline. Not only is the taste of these bars spot on, but they are so aesthetically pleasing, beautifully packaged and affordably priced. And there’s not just chocolate on offer – peanut butter spread, granola and chia puddings have all braced her online shop in the past year too.

What are your favourite vegan chocolate brands and products? I love hearing your recommendations so let me know in the comments below and if you try any of these, don’t forget to tag me in your photos on Instagram using @nourishingyas or #nourishingyas.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Vegan Chocolate Brands

  1. Yum! Now I’m seriously craving chocolate…

    Vego is by far my fave vegan chocolate but Booja Booja is delish too. I’m also a fan of Mahalo bars, which are perfect for anyone missing Bounties!

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