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Transitioning to a Vegan lifestyle doesn’t only extend to food – it also factors in beauty products, clothes, shoes and even cleaning products! It may shock you that a lot of your favourite beauty products aren’t only tested on animals, but even contain traces of animal products in them – substances derived from fish scales, wale sperm (yes, you read that right!) and even animal hair all feature in our every day beauty products and whilst it’s definitely unethical, it’s completely unnecessary too.

A lot of people are aware of the cruelty free labelling that’s featured on beauty products however that doesn’t automatically guarantee that a product is suitable for vegans. Whilst products which feature the cruelty free label haven’t been tested on animals, they may still contain animal derived ingredients. But with amazing campaigns like Veganuary and the rise in the number of people transitioning to a plant-based diet, animal testing and the demand for vegan and environmentally friendly beauty products is definitely something which more and more brands seem to be becoming aware of.

I have to be honest and say that not all of the beauty products that I use are Vegan; whilst I try to source and incorporate as many as possible, right now there are unfortunately still a few MAC lipsticks and eyeshadows thrown in there. Finding products that you love and work for your skin is hard enough, let alone when you add being vegan in to the mix! I’ve found that the PETA website is a great resource for pin pointing animal derived ingredients and with a 175% increase in the amount of vegan beauty products available since 2013, it’s becoming easier than ever before. Even if you start by making one small switch then it’s definitely a step in the right direction – something as simple as switching your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one or opting for a natural salt deodorant as oppose to an aerosol.

I hope that one day I’ll be able to say that the whole of my beauty collection is Vegan but for now, these 5 products are a great place to start.

Crazy Rumours Lip Balm

A lot of lip balms contain beeswax, but these vegan friendly balms are enriched with shea butter, making them so nourishing and leaving my lips super smooth. Whilst the product itself is great, the best part about these lip balms is the exciting range of flavours – with everything from raspberry lemonade to cola, amaretto, gingerbread and even mint choc chip, these are such a treat to add to your beauty routine.

Aldi Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee scrubs have grown massively in popularity over the past couple of years as they’re slowly placing traditional bead exfoliators for a natural, environmentally friendly alternative.  These scrubs smell incredible – available in orange, coconut and chocolate, they leave your skin smelling amazing and your skin super smooth thanks to the addition of anti oxidant rich Vitamin E and nourishing macadamia oil. I managed to pick mine up reduced for £1.99, but its regular retail price of £4.99 already puts it at a fraction of the cost of the other leading brands and it works just as well. They also make use of coffee grounds which other wise would go to waste making, them environmentally friendly too.

Superdrug Vitamin E Range

All of Superdrug’s own brand products are Vegan, but I love their Vitamin E range. Formulated for normal to dry skin and infused with vitamins A, B, F, H, E and horse chestnut extract, this range leaves your skin perfectly cleansed, exfoliated, toned and moisturised. My favourites are the hot cloth cleanser, exfoliating facial scrub, body scrub bar and all over body butter.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil

Whilst it’s technically not solely a beauty product and you might first associate it with its edible uses, coconut oil is in fact a great bathroom addition. I love baking with coconut oil but it’s a great all round beauty product too – it makes a great make up remover, deep treatment hair mask, body moisturiser and can even be used for oil pulling too.

Nails Inc Seaweed Strengthening Treatment

I’ve only been using this bio-sourced nail strengthening treatment since Christmas but I am already completely hooked. My nails definitely aren’t in the best condition but I’ve noticed such an improvement since I started using this – not only are they so much stronger but they look healthier and are growing faster too. The vegan and gluten-free formula is enriched with sea kelp, samphire and rose stem cells to nourish and harden nails and it doubles up as a great base coat too!

What are your favourite vegan beauty products? I would love to hear your recommendations so please do let me know in the comments of over on Instagram @nourishingyas.

This post is part of my Veganuary series; you can learn more about the campaign and donate here.

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