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Stuck for Vegan friendly snack ideas? This ultimate plant based snack guide has got you covered. The range of Vegan friendly snacks has grown massively since I transitioned to a plant based diet a few years ago. Whilst on one hand it’s great as it means that there are so many more options, it can also makes it a little overwhelming to choose! And so I’ve rounded up my favourites to make it a whole lot easier.

I never used to be a snack person but now I love it and honestly could’t imagine my day without it. Whilst most of my favourites lie in the sweet category, I do delve in to savoury sometimes too.

I always pair my snacks with a frothy coffee and more often that not a piece of fruit – apples, fresh figs and bananas are my go-to’s. This post includes all of my favourites from peanut butter bars to protein balls, chocolate and pretzels!


Homemade Bars and Treats

I love keeping batches of my sweet treats in the freezer, from energy balls to protein bars and cookies! My 5 most loved snack options are

Dried fruit and Peanut butter

Both medjool dates and dried figs stuffed with peanut butter are incredible snacks. I get my dates and figs from Buy Wholefoods Online and my favourite peanut butter for stuffing is Mani Life.

Homemade Trail Mix

I often have a handful of homemade trail mix with my snacks – cashew nuts, banana chips, raisins, hazelnuts, seeds and even chocolate all make appearances in mine. You can simply portion by the day or make up a big jar. And it also doubles up as a great breakfast bowl topping too!

Protein Smoothie or Hot Chocolate

For the smoothie Blend 1 frozen banana with 1 cup of almond milk and 1 scoop of Vivo Life protein powder.

For the hot chocolate Blend 1/2 banana with 1 cup of almond milk and 1 scoop of Vivo Life protein powder.. Transfer to a small pan and set over a low heat until warmed through.

Iswari Buddha’s Awakening Bars

One of my all time favourite snack bars, available in 3 flavours

  • Chocolate Hit
  • Maca and Vanilla
  • Acai and Strawberry

But my favourite has got to be the Chocolate hit – it’s not overly sweet, with a hint of citrus and the perfect balance of chocolate. They’re so delicious!

Use the code NOURISHING10 for 10% OFF their bars along with everything else on their site (I would highly recommend that you try the Macaccino powders too)

Lara Bar’s

These have got to be my favourite ever snack bar. I don’t know how they do it but there’s something about the chocolate chips in these bars that I absolutely love! All 3 flavours are delicious, but my favourite has to be the Peanut Choc Chip, closely followed by the Apple and Cinnamon.


As I’ve just mentioned, I’m definitely a chocolate fan and I love to pair a few chunks with a coffee and a handful of trail mix. My favourite brands are

Tribe Bar’s

I also love Tribe’s range of protein packed bars and flapjacks. My favourite flavours are choc brownie and peanut butter crunch – they also make a great breakfast bowl topping too!

Get £5 OFF your first Tribe order when you enter Yasmin Wakefield at the checkout.


Rude Health Ginger and Turmeric Oaty’s

Neither a cracker nor a biscuit, I love these topped with crunchy peanut butter or mashed avocado. And they actually pair surprisingly well served plain and dunked in my favourite nutella latte.

Indie Bay Pretzel Bites

These crunchy pretzel bites were the catalyst in me becoming a savoury snack fan and I love adding them to my recipes – both savoury and sweet, too.

Life Box

I receive a lot of my snacks from Life Box – a monthly subscription service packed with a range of new, exciting brands and snacks each month. Every month is completely different, so it’s a great way to branch out and try a range of new snacks that you otherwise might not get the opportunity to.

Get 50% OFF your first 2 Life boxes when you sign up for their ongoing subscription and use the code nourishingyas

Rude Health Black Bean Cornitas

Delicious served alone or with guac or hummus. I also love these sneaked in to my Loaded Vegan Nacho recipe.

Crudites and Hummus

My favourites are carrot sticks, cucumber and chopped pepper dipped in my creamy classic hummus. And more often than not I’ll add some of the pretzel bites or cornitas too.

What are your go-to snacks? Leave them in the comments below or let me know over on Instagram @nourishingyas x

This post contains affiliate links as well as products which have been gifted to me. I was however under no obligation to include any of them in this post and all opinions remain my own. I would never recommend a product or service to you that I don’t genuinely love and the products featured are genuinely some of my all time favourites.

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