Q&A: Socialising, Compulsive Exercise and Happiness

Do you think the socialising has helped you in recovery? Do you ever plan on losing weight again? Do you have any tips for overcoming exercise compulsions? They were all questions which I answered in February’s monthly Q&A.


Q1. How are you?

I’m actually doing really well at the moment, thank you!

Q2. Who is the blonde person who you are frequently uploading pictures with? Is he your boyfriend?

It’s Rhys! We met through Instagram last year and we’ve become the best of friends, but no we’re not a couple!

Q3. How tall are you?

5’7” or 169cm.

Q4. Are you fully Vegan now?

No, but my diet is still plant based.

Q5. Where would you rather live – Wales or Scotland?

Scotland – I’ve heard so many good things about Edinburgh!

Q6. Not a question, but just to say that you are a wonderful human and deserve so much happiness.

Thank you so much!

Q7. What are you studying?

I’m currently completing an access to higher education course at college. I’m following the humanities pathway which is made up of

Q8. What are your plans for after uni?

I’ve honestly not thought that much about it, most likely I’d want to start working as a journalist, but I’m just going to see where it all takes me! I am so excited to move out and go to uni though!

Q9. I would love a make up tutorial on what make up you use, it always looks lovely!

Oh thank you so much! I will definitely try and do that at some point.

Q10. Not a question but I love following you!

That means tons! Thank you!

Q11. Would you ever cut your hair in to a bob or just generally shorter?

I definitely want to have some of the length cut off of my hair but I’m not too sure about a bob! I had one when I was younger and it’s definitely not a look that I can pull off.


Q12. How is your extreme hunger now compared to how it was previously?

It’s improved a lot thankfully! I wrote a whole blog post about my experience with extreme hunger also.

Q13. How long did it take for you to feel satisfied on what could be considered a normal portion?

4-5 months.

Q14. Do you think that socialising more has helped you in recovery?

100%. Having no friends and being lonely were both major triggers and factors which made my eating disorder escalate, so being more social has helped me so much!

I’m honestly so grateful for the friends that I have (Rhys I’m talking about you) and I’ve had some of the best and funniest memories over the past few months!

I still don’t have many friends though, so being lonely is definitely something that I still struggle with, especially when I don’t have things planned. I definitely find that being busy helps to improve my mood and keeps me distracted.

Q15. Are you ever planning to lose weight again?

Never! Other than returning back to my set point, I honestly have no desire or intention to lose weight again.

Q16. Tips for getting back in to exercise in a healthy way after an eating disorder? Love you.

I think that you need to make sure that you’re doing it for the right reasons and not because you feel as if you need to punish yourself or earn food. I would also say take it slowly, do something that you enjoy, make sue that you take rest days and don’t focus on tracking calories burnt etc.

Q17. Do you find that you now have more energy to exercise and enjoy it more? Also just want to say that you’re a star.

I definitely have more energy, yes. And I’m enjoying the fact that I don’t feel the need to exercise compulsively, which is definitely a much better mindset to approach it with.

Q18. Any tips on overcoming exercise compulsions?

I approached this in 2 ways. One approach that I took when it came to work outs was to stop completely overnight which I actually found surprisingly easy. When it came to walking and yoga, I reduced the amount of time that I was spending doing them.

I know that it’s a lot easier said than done, but the only way to overcome it is to ignore the thoughts and not act on them. The more you act on eating disorder thoughts, the more you strengthen that specific neural pathway and the harder it is to overcome them.

Q19. Did you ever struggle with sitting down?

Yes, there was a time when I would constantly stand up all day, but it got to a point where physically my weight was so low that it was actually really hard for me, plus I knew that it was a disordered behaviour that I needed to stop.

I used one of the techniques above and spent half of the day stood up and half sitting for a short period of time before sitting all day when required. It’s something that I actually got over pretty quickly and I don’t think about at all now.

Q20. Favourite food that you’re retried since starting recovery?

It probably has to be chocolate! Or bread!

Q21. Are you worried that eating diet food and working out will trigger you?

I don’t eat diet foods which includes fat free products etc. As for working out, I’m ensuring that I remain mindful of the amount that I am doing, and that I’m not doing it for obsessive or compulsive reasons.

Q22. Are you finding exercise enjoyable or is it hard after not doing it for so long?

I’m definitely enjoying it but I’m not going to lie it is hard after not working out for so long! I’ve completely lost my fitness levels which is frustrating, but I’m trying not to rush the process, because I know that I will be able to get back to that level eventually.

Q23. Did you ever experience swelling in your face after eating?

For around 4 months of the recovery process I experienced swelling in my whole body, especially be legs and ankles which would increase in size throughout the day.


Q24. You’re that person who doesn’t study and thinks that they will fail but still gets 90%.

Partly true! I’ve always been academic so always make sure that I revise or put in the effort and whilst I’ve always been a high achiever, sometimes I definitely downplay it or don’t have faith in myself!

Q25. You’re so so much happier now.

That is very true!


Q26. What is your favourite recipe that you’ve created? I can’t decide what to make first!

I love my mint chocolate oreo protein bars and my vegan mars bars.

Q27. What is your favourite chocolate brand?

You can’t go wrong with Lindt dark chocolate.

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