About Me

Hi I’m Yasmin Wakefield – 20 year old plant based recipe developer and certified Health and Wellness Influencer.

I initially set up this blog to document my recovery from Anorexia, at a time when I had recently transitioned to a plant based diet. It’s then that I fell in love with plant based cooking and my excitement towards food was reignited. Now, I love nothing more than entering the kitchen armed with my favourite cookbooks and creating and sharing my own plant based recipes.

I aim to show that plant based cooking can be truly delicious, simple and inexpensive through a range of recipes from curries and burgers to brownies and cheesecakes. But more importantly, I want to show that it is possible to heal your relationship with food; that recovery isn’t only achievable, it’s amazing and that there’s life beyond an eating disorder.

I’m still very much on my own road to recovery, but I hope that by being open and honest about my own journey and sharing the challenges that I face, I can inspire others to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.


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