Discount Codes

Iswari Superfoods

Get 10% OFF Iswari Superfoods with the code NOURISHING10

Yasmin loves the macaccino powder for a morning pick me up or hot chocolate alternative.

Mastered Fit

Get 20% OFF your monthly or annual subscription to their fitness app with the code YASMINW20

Life Box

Get 50% OFF your first 2 Life boxes when you sign up for their ongoing subscription and use the code nourishingyas

Each box contains a selection of healthy snacks and treats from a range of different brands delivered straight to your door. Every month is different which means that you always get to try something new and exciting!

Yasmin loves the Oatein salted caramel crunch millionaire protein bar featured in January’s box.


Get 25% OFF your first order with the code yasmin25 – both single packs and subscriptions are available.

Yasmin loves the salted maple caramel walnuts and activated sea salt almonds.

Vive Wellness

Get 25% OFF your first monthly pack with the code YAS25.

Yasmin loves the brain warden and the energy powerpack.


Get £5 OFF your first Tribe order when you enter Yasmin Wakefield at the checkout.

Yasmin loves the chocolate peanut butter protein bar and the peanut butter crunch energy bar.

Creative Nature Superfoods

Get 10% OFF with the code YASMIN10

Yasmin loves the cacao powder for making all of my breakfast bowls and sweet treats.

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