Recipe Round Ups

World Chocolate Day 2019

To celebrate what is quite possibly the best day of the year (and yes I’m talking better than Christmas), I rounded up 10 of my most popular chocolate themed recipes – from chocolaty breakfast bowls to no bake brownies and peanut butter chocolate cheesecakes.


To celebrate Veganuary 2019, I published a new blog post every day – ranging from my own Vegan journey to decadent breakfast bowls, no bake sweet treats, simple weeknight dinners and everything you need to know about plant based dairy alternatives. You can also see my top 10 posts from the month here.

Chocolate Week Recipe Round Up

A selection of 10 of my most popular and loved chocolate themed recipes to celebrate chocolate week.

Dessert Inspiration

If you’re in need of some plant based dessert inspiration then this is the round up for you – featuring all of the sweet treats that you could possibly need from chocolate fudge brownies to cheesecakes and banana bread.

Dinner Inspiration

It’s a common misconception that cooking plant based meals from scratch is expensive and time consuming and so I rounded up 10 of my most popular plant based dinner recipes to prove just how untrue that is. Featuring everything from hearty curries to burgers, sticky miso rice bowls and kale salads – this posts provides you with all of the plant based dinner inspiration you could possibly need.

National Peanut Butter Day Recipe Round Up

On what quite possibly is the best day of the year, I rounded up 10 of my most popular and loved peanut butter themed recipes – and when you’re as addicted as I am, that was very hard task.

World Nutella Day Recipe Round Up

Being plant based doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on world nutella day; whether it’s a nutella latte or nutella granola, this round up ensures that you still get your plant based nutella fix.

Plant Power Day 2019

On a day that celebrates putting plants at the forefront of your meal, I rounded up 20 of my most popular plant based recipes, both savoury and sweet, to provide you with everything that you could possibly need to incorporate more plant based meals in to your diet.

International Hummus Day Recipe Round Up

To celebrate international hummus day I’ve rounded up all of the hummus recipes from my blog, ranging from classic, to pesto and even peanut butter flavour! Whether you slather them on a veggie burger or add them to your lunch bowl, they’re sure to make the best addition to your meal on this International Hummus Day.