Work With Me

I’ve been lucky enough to partner up with some amazing brands, offering reviews, social media posts and recipe creation. If you’re a health, wellness or food brand, I would love to discuss working together, enabling your product or service to be promoted to a rapidly growing social media following.

I would love to discuss working together – contact me via the form below or send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible

Social Media Posts

With a rapidly expanding social media following, I could feature your product on my Instagram, Facebook or Twitter through a variety of methods – whether it be an unboxing, post on my story, recipe or review. I would love discuss the best way for us to work together, allowing your brand to reach thousands of people.

 Blog posts

If your brand aligns with my values, I would happily write a blog post incorporating your product or concept – whether it’s simply mentioning your product, creating a new recipe or writing a review.


Do you have a product that would be well suited to me and my followers? I would be more than happy to review your product on one of my social media channels or blog. All opinions are completely honest and product dependent I can also offer an accompanying recipe.

Recipe Creation

I love experimenting in the kitchen and creating delicious plant based recipes and I would love to create a unique recipe for my blog or Instagram, featuring and promoting your product. I also offer recipe creation for your own site, along with accompanying images. This includes everything from breakfast bowls to sweet treats, cocktails and a variety of savoury dishes.


Do you like my writing style and want me to write an article for your own website? I have a firm knowledge base and passion for all things health & wellness along with veganism and food. I’m also willing to speak openly about my own journey with mental health and eating disorder recovery.

For all inquiries and a copy of my media kit, email or use the contact form below.